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Spy vs Spy: The Medvedenko Affair

A new scripted storyline feature presentation at SexAndSubmission – “Spy vs Spy“. Starring the hottest and most extreme BDSM models, very rough sex, manhandling, strict bondage, corporal punishment and much more!
A Feature Presentation

The secret world of international espionage. Brave men and women of the C.I.A. face many dangers, but none more deadly than the Female Russian Spy. Well trained, not only in the espionage business, but also in the art of sex. Many good, patriotic agents have fallen under her skills. The only effective method to combat this unique enemy spy is through constant vigilance, and the knowledge that we are at the good side.
After the fall of communism in the 1990′s, a few Russian leaders grew rich as capitalism swept across the land. One of these men was Dmitri Medvedenko. But now these noble entrepreneurs are being prosecuted in their homeland and so Mr. Medvedenko has moved to the USA to expose the crimes of the current regime in Moscow.
An elite kill team has been assigned to kill him. An elite CIA agents has been assigned to keep him alive…

LOL! “Medvedenko” = Medvedev? Kinks, better change “Medvedenko” to “Lazarenko” and Russia to Ukraine, then this fantasy will be almost true :) But see the free video for this story, looks good…

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